Gran Living has years of experience in interior and furniture design. We design, buy and distribute all our products, and we are aware of the impact that process has, both on our planet and on the people involved with our business. We consider it a primary responsibility to minimize that impact and we are taking a number of steps to do so. At the same time, we feel a great sense of social responsibility towards our fellow human beings and, we select options that benefit humanity.


Committing to the UN Global Compact means we are obligated to actively work towards complying with the Compact’s 10 principles. Those include; human rights, labour rights, environmental rights and anti-corruption. Our CSR manager does due diligence on all suppliers and partners to ensure they comply with the guidelines. In 2017 we also partnered with Green Network, who have developed a system for monitoring our supply chain in the areas involving the UN Global compact. This has resulted in extended screening of existing suppliers and a revision of our supplier code of conduct requirements.

You can view our full Communication on Progress 2022 here...


GRAN LIVING cares about the safety and well-being of our employees at all times. GRAN LIVING will not conduct business with any supplier engaging in or benefiting directly from human rights abuses. GRAN LIVING expects all suppliers to support and respect the protection of internationally declared human rights stated in the International Bill of Human Rights.

GRAN LIVING supports and acts in compliance with internationally declared labour rights and expects our business partners to do likewise. We strongly repudiate child- and forced labour. We acknowledge diversity and the rights of employees. Therefore, we will not accept any kind of discrimination or violations of rights.

GRAN LIVING refrains from corruption and bribery in any form. We believe in ethical and fair business practises, and expect from both own employees and external business partners to avoid any kind of unethical business practices.

GRAN LIVING cares about the environment with concern for the future. We focus on the long-term consequences of our activities and strive to prevent, minimize and remedy adverse impacts our activities place on our earth, and we expect the same from all parties throughout our supply chain to secure the best possible conditions for future generations.


All of our rugs are Goodweave certified. This non-profit organization aims to improve working conditions for the people in the rug industry. The Goodweave label ensures that no child or forced labour was used in the production process. Gran Living and AYTM also support educational programs for children and decent working conditions for adults. Goodweave makes unannounced inspections of facilities to ensure they comply with their standards. Each Goodweave label has a unique ID code that can be traced back to the certified producer – so each rug is made under fair conditions.


Our work often involves quite a bit of travel. When we do so, all our hotel rooms are booked through Goodwings. Every time a hotel booking is made through their website the set aside a percentage of the cost for charity. At the end of each year the total amount is donated to a charity of our choice. In 2017 we donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).   


To ensure the continued focus on our corporate social responsibilities, we have instated a full-time employee to the task. Our CSR manager is dedicated to finding solutions, suppliers and partners that are as dedicated as we are to responsible and sustainable production methods. At the same time, we are fully aware that many things can be done a little closer to home, so we limit our printing and the use of paper as much as possible – in the past year, printing was reduced by 23%. When possible, we travel with public transport and we make sure to carefully sort our waste. It is our intention to rigorously continue our CSR work and find more areas where we can improve in the future.

 We wish to leave the planet in good condition for future generations and we want to ensure that all living beings are treated with respect and kindness.