At Gran Living we acknowledge our social and environmental responsibilities. Based on our capabilities, we voluntarily take the initiative to protect the workers and the environment in the areas in which we operate and we continuously seek to improve conditions for the employees and the surroundings.

UN Global Compact


Gran Living support and acts in compliance with human rights and expects our business partners to do likewise. We strongly repudiate child- and forced labour. We acknowledge diversity and the rights of employees. Therefore we will not accept any kind of discrimination or violations of rights. 

Gran Living acts in compliance with national law, and consider this the minimum standard for our company as well as for our business partners. Where possible, we always strive to raise standards. 

Gran Living cares about the safety and well-being of our employees at all times. We strive to provide a healthy environment and expect our business partners to do the same, as we believe it goes hand in hand with motivation and results. 

Gran Living refrains from corruption and bribery in any form. We believe in ethical and fair business practises, and expect from both own employees and external business partners to avoid any kind of unethical business practises. 

Gran Living cares about the environment with concern for the future. We focus on the long term consequences of our activities and strive to prevent, minimize and remedy adverse impacts our activities place on our earth, and we expect the same from all parties throughout our supply chain to secure the best possible conditions for future generations.


Gran Living both have the ability to and interest in investing in projects that benefit the communities in the countries in which we operate, as well as social and environmental issues our business activities confront.